Baccarha Bonanno Master Coach since 2004

Baccarha Bonanno
Master Coach since 2004

Hello dear reader

My name is Baccarha and I have been passionate about making a difference in my own life and in the life of others since a very young age.

I truly believe that creating a life of abundance and freedom starts by creating that space within ourselves, and that is something that is available to each one of us.

With more than 30 years of professional experience in the corporate world, I bring a wealth of knowledge in the area of communication and change management.

I have been a life coach since 2004 and take great pleasure at seeing the light in people's eyes when they connect to their true self, discover what actions are most valuable to them and start observing the positive effects of their transformation journey.

In 2015, I got hit by a double breast cancer. I considered this event as a fantastic opportunity to take a new and fresh look at my life and redefine what was important for me. Thanks to this transformation trigger, I discovered that I had forgotten about myself along the road, forgotten about my true aspirations in life and had abandoned my higher dreams. Why so? because of convenience, comfort and laziness, because deep inside I believed I was not worth it, because I was lured by false conventional mirages traditionally vehicle by the society today.

I also discovered the importance of the feminine energy and how imbalanced it is embodied today, not only by women but also by men. This is especially the case in the corporate world where women are struggling getting to higher positions while playing masculine codes and feeling a constant frustration of fulfillment and do not know what to change to realize themselves. This was my case for a very long time.

Today, I am back on my own personal track. I have re-aligned my body, mind and spirit with what my heart most desire:
A life full of joy, laughter, dance and light.

What does your heart most desire?

It is my turn to help you find out and support you on your own transformation path !

Heartmony Coaching is here for you.